• A leader in cranes, rigging, hoists and heavy hauling
  • Innovative solutions to virtually any rigging job imaginable
  • Personnel / material hoist equipment to meet your specific needs
  • An extensive and diverse equipment inventory for both small and large projects
  • Heavy and specialized transportation services for project cargo
  • Jacking of the 250-ton Emporium Dome
  • Hand-portable derrick designed by Sheedy
  • 7-ton guy derrick on 555 California Street BMU Project
  • 350 ton All Terrain Crane with Luffing Jib

Sheedy Drayage Co. is capable of performing almost any hoisting, rigging, or hauling task efficiently and safely. With over 85 years of experience and our diverse range of equipment, whether the job be small or large, we have distinguished ourselves as a leader in the industry. Whether it’s commercial, residential or heavy industrial, there is simply no job too big or too small for Sheedy to handle. Safety, integrity, and service are the basis of our success. Let us prove it to you on your next project.

California Locations: San Francisco | Union City | San Jose | Sacramento | Stockton | Santa Fe Springs — Nevada Location: Las Vegas